We’ve built a platform that will over time, allow you to choose from properties all over Malaysia, South East Asia and beyond. Property Monster allows you to invest in specific properties and when you find one that you like, invest at a click of a button. We do all the stressful bits; like mortgages, solicitors and maintenance. There is a one-­off 2% fee, with no annual charge.



You’ll earn income from rent each month ­ the amount is in proportion to how much you own of the property. 10% of the rent is used to cover the forecasted costs of advertising, letting and management.


Track your properties on your dashboard to see how they perform. If the market rises, watch your investment grow. When you’re ready to sell, you have two options; the ‘Subsale’ market, and the 5­yearly exit protection:

  1. The Subsale Market

    At any time, offer your holdings to other investors on the platform at a price of your choice. You also choose how much of your holding that you would like to sell.

  2. The 5­-yearly exit protection

    Every 5 years, we offer all investors the chance to sell at market value. The property valuation will be made by an independent surveyor. Find out more about the 5­ year exit protection plan in the investment documents.

We don’t charge anything to sell.

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